The Value of an Index

Making Non-Fiction Text User Friendly Empowering Your Words In both fiction and non-fiction projects, there are many aspects of the art and science of writing that can go unnoticed in the creative phase of composition.  I heartily concur with the idea that as writers we need to focus initially on capturing our inspirational thoughts prior … Continue reading The Value of an Index

Operational Organization for Authors and Artists

Launching a new computerhas pushed me to recognize that this is a great time for pruning hardware, software, folders, and documents —at least ancient versions that may no longer be relevant. This project is revealing challenges that have arisen repeatedly through my years of writing and design… that I have foolishly ignored. Some of these … Continue reading Operational Organization for Authors and Artists


CONVERSATIONS WITH AUNTIE CAROL A Series of Hawaiian Oral History InterviewsResearched, Conducted, Compiled & Narrated by Jeanne Burrows-Johnson It seems as though I have been absent more than present on the Internet this year. . . WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING? ~  I’ve redesigned my websites: [with more Island recipes plus tales about historic … Continue reading AN ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEW


Prospect for Murder is the first award-winningNatalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mystery written and narrated byJeanne Burrows-Johnson


In checking the date of my last blog, I realize how long it’s been since my last one. With all that’s taken place in the last couple of years, the conclusion of 2017 and the arrival of 2018 inspired me to examine the process that brought me to my recent birthday. What are your memorable … Continue reading A BIRTHDAY REVIEW

Interview and Oral History Projects 4

AFTER THE INTERVIEW You’ve successfully conducted an interview!  Regardless of whether an interview is the first or the hundredth, I hope you will feel a sense of accomplishment while parting company with whomever you’ve interviewed! By this point, you should have an audio (if not visual) recording of the dialogue, plus notes you’ve composed prior … Continue reading Interview and Oral History Projects 4


Thinning the Forest of Files You may have stumbled into this blog without an apparent need to address the topic.  You may not be part of a group planning to generate an anthology.  And, regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional writer, you may not think you would ever wish to publish a collection of … Continue reading TAMING CLUTTER


A Never Ending Dilemma Authoring strategies include more than conceptualizing, writing, publishing, and promoting your creative ideas.  Being an effective writer demands honed organizational skills as well superb wordsmithing! If you’ve ever lost a file, you may question the promises of the computer revolution. Are you old enough to remember life before computers?  I actually … Continue reading FEAR OF LOSING FILES

Design Dilemmas 2, Fonts

Confronted By a Fantasia of Fonts You’ve completed your research for a writing project.  You’re through composing and editing the text.  What a relief!  But if you’re in control of printing and/or publishing the finished work, you’re probably facing several decisions about its appearance.  While there are clear differences in design for hardcopy and electronic … Continue reading Design Dilemmas 2, Fonts