Gifts: Planned & Unplanned

What lights up the memories of your past birthdays?

Sometimes gifts are expected…sometimes they are not. Over the decades of my life, I’ve found that birthdays are surprising events. No matter what you expect to experience, there are always elements that take you by surprise. Tomorrow is my 71st birthday and it has already proven to align with that rule…

With three published volumes in the Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mysteries, I’m always looking for new marketing ideas and platforms. A couple of weeks ago, my publisher surprised me with an interview opportunity on This is an online publication that offers substantial interviews of featured authors based on numerous questions about their latest publications and work in general. Beyond this, I was able to provide links to my websites and this blog!

So, if you would like to learn more about my writing style and methodology (as well as information on Murders of Conveyance) check out “Jeanne Burrows-Johnson – Visions, False clues, Murder and Hints of a Priceless Treasure.”

One of the most respected sources for review of published material is Kirkus Reviews, which reviewed Murders of Conveyance. While a reviewer may not love every aspect of my tales of murder—like those who don’t love my coverage of Island food and restaurants—I’ve always found they deliver quotable passages for book covers and advertising. In about a week, the colorful ad shown above will appear in Kirkus Reviews Email Newsletter which is directed at a substantial list of subscription recipients.

Expected, or unexpected, I’ll take any gift I’m given!

Wishing you the best in your creative endeavors,
Jeanne Burrows-Johnson, author, consultant, and motivational speaker

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To learn more about the award-winning Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mysteries, including Murders of Conveyance [Winner, Fiction Adventure-Drama, 2019 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards] and other projects, please drop in at my author’s website You’ll even find Island Recipes that might inspire your culinary creativity.

For more ideas to strengthen your Wordpower© and branding, please visit: Imaginings Wordpower and Design Consultation.

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The year 2020 came, threatened to conquer the world, and departed. No one I know was left unaffected personally, or professionally. Fortunately, there are signs that conditions in American politics and economics are improving. Sadly, global health is not. For the time being, quarantine from the pandemic remains a necessity, at least for those of us who are older. And even if we venture forth, safety precautions must be observed that preclude much personal interaction. The following blog addresses promotion for authors, but the principles are applicable for marketing many products and services.

As we move forward in this year, re-examining our status and brand as creative professionals is vital. One of my challenges as an author centers on labelling the genre in which I work. My informative books embrace elements of classic literary fiction. And although the genre of “mysteries” obviously defines the core of my Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mysteries, the issue of selecting an appropriate sub-genre is difficult. Some, such as “police procedural” can be eliminated immediately, as my protagonist is a semi-retired journalist. Since my books do not feature profanity, sex, or overt violence, the term “cozy” is generally applied to my books. Continue reading PROMOTION IN QUARANTINE